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Norwex Enviro Cloth ~ Cleaning without harmful Chemicals ~ Cloth Colour Code

By March 9, 2017Uncategorized Enviro Cloths Online: USE DRY for dusting, it creates static electricity which removes dust and dirt, …

 www.deloresv.. Enviro Cloths Online: http://bit.l..USE DRY for dusting, it creates static electricity which removes dust and dirt, preventing them from resettling back onto surfaces and holds them inside the cloth.
USE DAMP for general cleaning and heavily soiled areas. It cleans everything using only water. The cleaned surfaces become so clean that new dirt and dust will not return as quickly.
WHY DO WE NEED Antibacterial Microfiber?
Norwex antibacterial Microfiber does not disinfect the surface you clean by killing the germs on it; rather it removes what is on the surface and collects it within the cloth. The silver agent inside the microfibers then inhibits the growth of bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth within the product.
The micro silver functions as a self-purifier and helps cleanse the cloth of mold, fungi and bacterial odour within 24 hours, so that it is ready to use again.

Throughout history, people have taken advantage of the antimicrobial properties of silver. The Greeks and Romans stored water in silver as it was believed this kept the liquids fresh. During the plagues in Europe, wealthy families ate from silver plates and utensils, in the hope that silver might protect them from the disease that as claiming their neighbours’ lives. The expression ‘born with a silver spoon in the mouth’ had a dual meaning. Not only did it refer to wealth, it also referred to health. People were eating off silver spoons because they knew that an infection couldn’t survive on silver. Without knowing it people were taking advantage of the natural ANTIMICROBIAL properties of silver.

TODAY many products are produced using silver to give antibacterial properties to that surface. Silver antibacterial socks, silver soap, silver-lined curtains in HOSPITALS, silver-lined bandages for treating burns, silver-lined band-aids, silver toothbrushes etc.

Silver interrupts a cell’s ability to form chemical bonds essential to its survival. Bacteria, viruses and fungi need the bonds for their oxygen metabolism. The Antibacterial agent is physically embedded inside tiny microfibers. The silver-based agent that Norwex uses is based on micro, not nano-technology.

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