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Marzi + chemicals =

By March 9, 2017Uncategorized

 Please like us at to follow Marzi’s journey. If you have any queries or offers of assistance, please message us at …

 Please like us at www.facebook.. to follow Marzi’s journey. If you have any queries or offers of assistance, please message us at [email protected] .

To support our fundraising team, like The Amara Campbell Foundation at: www.facebook.. or email them at [email protected]

To read Marzi’s blog to to::

Amara affectionately known as Marzi, has in the last few years deteriorated so dramatically that out of concern for her we decided to start this page to lend our support.

A fundraiser has been set up to raise much needed funds for Amara, who desperately needs treatment for her complex neuro-immune conditions and co-infections, including Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease. Amara is now into her fourteenth year of battling chronic illness. She has lost her adulthood to these acute and chronic infections and needs ongoing support for medical costs and living day to day. Thanks to previous donations via fundraising we were able to help Amara access a Lyme literate doctor and help out with her living expenses. However, treatment for such a complex condition (complicated through being untreated for so many years) is expensive and she is now in need of more friends and family to join us in donating money towards her continued treatment. We, Amara’s family and friends, all believe that she can get better but we need you to help us to continue fighting for her, to help facilitate her getting to that goal. A chance at a normal life.

Help us write a new chapter in Amara’s story, “Getting Well”.

Please visit our campaign on Indiegogo www.indiegog.. and support us either by donating, sharing, tweeting, emailing, google+ing or facebooking…. anywhere on social media really tumblr, blogger, you name it, we would love it if you helped us get this campaign going viral.

Thank you for your support. Marzi is so grateful, as are we.

Infinite gratitude for your support.
♥ Aid 4 Amara team ♥

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