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【LiveMoment實況音樂】 stereo is the answer 《Chemicals》 Studio Live Session

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 LiveMoment 實況音樂// 現場Full Band一Take錄音+ MV拍攝項目// stereo is the answer VOCAL & GUITAR : Stephen Mok KEYBOARD : Sandy Ip BASS : Siu …

 LiveMoment 實況音樂
// 現場Full Band一Take錄音 + MV拍攝項目 //

stereo is the answer

VOCAL & GUITAR : Stephen Mok
BASS : Siu Keung Au
DRUM : Jimmy Fong


In the summer of 2013, four musicians gathered to converse with music; stereo is the answer.

stereo is the answer /SITA is a modern rock band consisting of musicians from per se, 11:PM and Empty Tomb. They are the winner of YAMAHA Asian Beat 2015 /HK/ – CHAMPION & The Best Vocalist awards.

They have played at various music festivals such as Silvermine Festival, 我承諾原創 Live Band Festival, SpringScream 2014 /Taiwan.
They also won Best Vocalist & Best Bassist at The Underground X Parsons Music – the Battle of the Bands 2015.

stereo is the answer /SITA 成立於2013年,是一支modern rock樂隊。成員包括來自二人音樂組合 per se 的 Stephen和 Sandy、《11:PM》 的 Jimmy和 《Empty Tomb》的 小強。SITA融入每位成員的作曲風格,探索搖滾樂隊所能塑造的新音樂。

他們曾獲邀到 -台灣《春天吶喊音樂節》演出,同時亦活躍於本地的樂隊表演。

SITA贏得了YAMAHA Asian Beat 樂隊比賽 /香港區/ 2015 的冠軍和最佳歌手獎,12月代表香港出賽亞洲區總決賽。同年,亦於The Underground X Parsons Music: Battle of the Bands贏得最佳主唱和最佳貝斯手。




And as the tick tock it goes to waste
maybe I’ll just drift along
maybe I’ll just sink along

And as the timeline erases us all
maybe I just don’t recall
or maybe I just don’t belong

a single light, single light will go on
and when the chemicals they change your song
and when the silhouettes they shadow everything inside
you sing what you like
a single light, single light will go on
and when the images they catch your fall
best days to hold your life

and if the next time is winter or fall
paralyzed, paralyzed but safe
oh don’t relate and don’t confide
in words of mine

and when just smiling takes, it takes your all
and when the seconds tick, the minutes call
lesson here is don’t rely
ah, it’s been too long

/Live Moment 實況音樂/

主辦 Organiser:香港青年演藝教育基地 HKEBY
合辦 Co-Organiser:紅線音樂 、 樂遊邦 Bom Voyage
項目總監 Project Producer:羅德輝
音樂總監 Music Producer:賴映彤
錄音總監 Recording Producer:CK Cheung@Supper Moment
導演 Director:Kary To

錄音室 Studio:Supper Studio
混音師 Mixing Engineer:馬文健
現場錄音技術督導 Audio Technical Supervisor:Himhimhim

攝影 Cameraman:Kary To / Yeung Tsz To / Nelson Lam
後期制作 Post Production : Kary To
花絮拍攝 Making Of Video : Nelson Lam
硬照攝影 Still Photographer : Ar [email protected]滾動攝影

項目贊助 Project Sponsor:保良局/夢飛行/青少年正向人生基金
樂器贊助 Instrument Sponsor:通利琴行
贊助 Sponsor : MTR
全力支持 Supported by : 知識產權署 HKIDP、Sennheiser
發佈會場地贊助 Venue Sponsor:The Stadium
特別鳴謝:Jacky Lui


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