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How to get rid of ants with chemicals

By March 9, 2017Uncategorized

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 For a full list of ants and how to get rid of them visit our site: www.solution..Buy Maxforce Ant Control Products at www.solution..It is very common to “label” an ant as a “sugar ant” or a “sweet ant” because they were observed eating some type of food which was either full of sugar or sweet. Since most ants will vary their diet from carbohydrate to protein to fat, it is not uncommon to find any one species eating just about any type of food depending on local weather conditions, food supplies, temperature and other factors.
1) Pharaoh Ants are nocturnal and very small. They invade many commercial buildings, hospitals and nursing homes. If you have a problem with Pharaoh Ants, you will only see a few scouts or workers at any one time. Most of the ants never leave the nest; nests can be in walls, ceilings or attics.
2) Thief Ants look much like a Pharaoh Ant yet its biology and nest pattern is unique. Thief Ants are parasites. They are very small and nest inside other ant colonies. They mingle with these host ants undetected and feed on food the host ants supply. It is not unusual to control one colony of ants only to have these annoying Thief Ants become active. This happens because the ant nest you treated has died off and now the Thief Ants are looking for a new host!
3) Fire Ants are the most common ant to forage inside. There are different species; not all fire ants are red. The Little Fire Ant is tan and the Black Imported Fire Ant is red and black. The Southern Fire ant is reddish brown. Any of these can nest under the slab of a patio, garage or town house. They don’t bite as many people describe but in fact they sting. Fire ant stings cause irritations which can take days to weeks to heal.
4) Odorous House Ants and Argentine Ants are easy to confuse with each other. These ants can be active at any time of day and will feed on anything. They can number in the thousands and once they set up scent trails into a structure, it is difficult to keep them out. I have seen them travel over 100 feet to get inside a house! Either species will readily nest under pine straw, wood chips or any type of slab. Because of the numbers in the colony, these ants are among the hardest to completely control. If a large wooded area is harboring a nest close to your structure and cannot be treated, you will continually have a problem.
5) We have a few species of ants which can cause damage to structures. The most common is the Carpenter Ant. This ant is usually large, black and travels alone. You may find a trail, but only a few ants will be present.
6) Raspberry/Hairy Crazy Ants acquired their name because the walk around quickly and randomly sometimes following no specific path or pattern. However, they have scent trails they are following and once established can take a while to eradicate.
7) Small Honey and Little Black Ants are two species which will remain active all winter and though not hard to control, can be annoying and persistent.
8) Pavement and Big Headed ants are two perimeter invading ants which will setup nests in a home if given the chance. Both like to live under slabs, rocks and mulch and though nests are small, they can remain active for long periods of time if given the chance.
9) White Footed Ants can grow colonies which numbering the millions and when the colonies grow this big they will infest many homes. This further complicates control methods because nests which are spread out over large areas are more difficult to treat in a uniform fashion. One property owner may be doing something but his efforts are having a small impact on the rest of the colony which spans 5-10 properties. When nests are this large, a more consistent ant elimination program needs to be implemented which is uniform and complete over the entire area the antis active. This usually means making a joint effort with neighbors. However, nests spanning several yards leave you no choice if you truly want to get rid of the activity once and for all.

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