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How To Dilute Chemicals – Chemical Guys – Car Detailing

By March 9, 2017Uncategorized

 Link To Dilution Chart: Here at Chemical Guys, we make two types of products: …

 Link To Dilution Chart: www.chemical..
Here at Chemical Guys, we make two types of products: Ready to Use, and Full Strength. When products come full strength, you can dilute them to suit your cleaning needs to get more bang for buck and make the products last longer.

For example, a 10:1 ratio means you mix 10 parts water to 1 part chemical. The amount of each liquid changes depending on the ratio used, and the size of the container.

Use the Chemical Guys Dilution Ratio Chart to dilute your favorite Chemical Guys products. Simply mix the proper amounts of product and filtered water to achieve the perfect dilution ratio to take on any job.

Hey everyone!

This is Greg from Chemical Guys, and today I’m gonna show you exactly how to dilute your detailing products so you can get the best result on any job. There’s two types of products: ready to use and concentrated. A lot of our products at Chemical Guys are concentrated, and that means that they can be diluted.

Now, what is dilution? Dilution is taking a product and mixing it with water to water-down the product to get the right ratio so that it works properly. It’s a lot better for you as detailer and consumer because we don’t ship you water. We can ship you more product in a smaller bottle, and you can dilute it on the job.

Dilution ratio is really complicated for some people, and a lot of people don’t understand it. So we spent the time to make this awesome dilution ratio chart. This gives you all the dilution ratio measurements in ounces for any size container that we sell here at Chemical Guys. We made one for 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon, and we gave you all the ounce dilution ratios from 1:1 to 128:1. This is a great tool to help you dilute products and make sure you have the right ratio to clean any type of job.

Dilution ratio can be a little complicated, so I’ll break it down and show you how it works. Dilution ratios are usually set up with two numbers with a colon (:) in the middle. Those two numbers can be anything from 4:1 or 64:1. This means that you’re mixing, let’s say at 10:1, that’s mixing 10 parts water to 1 part product. That bigger number is actually the water, and the smaller number is the amount of product that we’re mixing in the bottle.

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